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Corporate introduction

Liaoning Shenzhou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shenzhou machinery is committed to the development, production and sale of machinery for filtration and separation. Taking technological innovation as the motive force for enterprises to participate in market competition, we have developed a series of centrifuges with high-tech content to meet the market demand; won the market by serving customers; accumulated abundant application experience through years of technological research and development and sales application, and provided perfect services before, during and after sales; and provided lean services. Management ensures product quality and improves product reliability.


As the professional supplier of separating and filtering equipment, we produce basket centrifuges, decanters and disc separators,tubular centrifuge,plate centrifuge,all kind of packing and drying machines,and sell the auxiliary equipment such as clarify equipment, filters, pumps, press machine etc. These 30 series about more than 150 products are self development of Shenzhou and have attained national patent. Those products and relevant auxiliary equipment are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmacy, mining, food, beverage industry and environmental protection etc.


We own various kinds of inspection and testing facilities with value over USD30million ,now,20 testing tables,6920 gear testing centre,X ray detecting machine, high speed dynamic balancing machine, ultrasonic flaw detection machines,etc,we are equipped with complete testing,inspection ,analysis control system,advanced testing machines and simulative working condition test table and automatic control testing system,which guarantees our new product research,processing validation and quality.


We are strongly equipped the robuste and precise processing machines from Germany,Italia,England and our domestic famous brand,here,I'd like to list several of them for your reference.
200 Numerical Control Boring and Milling Machine TK6920
160 Numerical Control Boring and Milling Machine TK6916
Italian PAMA Numerical Control Boring and Milling Machine
80T CNC Lathe
40 T CNC Lathe
2.5m Merry Go Round Machine C525E
Z100 Radial Drill
Numerical Controlled Vertical Milling Machine
Underwater Plasma Cutting Center
CNC Machining Center

We harvested great achievement these years,and turnover reaches to 380million RMB in
the year of 2013,and we expect to carry out 400million RMB in 2017.


Welcome all who are engaged in the separation and filtration to work with us,and we are also looking for the qualified world wide agents to provide better service and deep marketing.



Worldwide Network

Our products have spread all over the world and are applied over than 35 countries and regions, for example, America, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Russia, India, Middle East and Southeast Asia etc. To provide flexible and qualified technical service to resolve any maintenance issue in the shortest time possible, now we have established agents in many countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Latin America, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, etc.


Society Reward

Shenzhou  is devotating into the charity activity,we are subsidizing some poor students to finish the school and are trying to set up some primary to feedback the society  ,hereby,we appeal to all people to enter into the charity activity,technical innovation changes the world,love embraces the world!

Contact detials:

Contact person:Alice Lee




ADD:R26-101, U1, building 111-11, Fu Hong str., Liaoyang, LN.

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